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These are the People on the Internet!

The Internet is an amazing place where people from all walks of life around the globe connect to learn and laugh and socialize together.

In the spirit of the classic song from Sesame Street, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of these special people and learn more about the things that they each contribute to make the Internet a better place every day…

Sing along with me!

These are the people on the Internet,

On the Internet,

On the In-ter-net – oh!

These are the people on the Internet,

The people who create each day!

A blogger writes the things you read, from Star Wars fanfic to recipes.
Whatever topic that you want to explore, you’ll find a blog or two with lots in store!

Fun Fact: It’s estimated that as of 2019 there are over half a BILLION blogs on the Internet!

Social Media Safety Analyst
The safety teams review reports, of obscene and deranged social posts,
To keep your timeline neat and clean, they block the stuff that cannot be unseen.

Did you know that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest employ thousands of people who moderate posts day and night to ensure that users don’t encounter things like nudity, violence, and other obscene subject matter?

Independent Artist
Artists create the things that make us smile, sing, laugh, and make our lives worthwhile.
And the Internet helps pay their bills, supporting people I love gives me a thrill!

Have you heard?! Revolutionary sites like Patreon and Etsy and Kickstarter and Indiegogo have made it possible for millions of artists to get paid directly by their fans for making their art!

Someone working with video, sharing tales or just the life they know,
They’re the next generation of TV, and they do it so we all can see.

Would you believe that YouTubers upload 400 hours of video to the site every minute?! Plus, viewers watch over 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube every day, giving it a reach larger than any broadcast or cable TV network!

Software Developer
They build all the websites we adore, the games, the apps, the tools, the stores,
Writing code to make it come to life, their creativity is oh so rife.

It’s estimated that there are about 26 million software developers in the world, working everywhere from the largest corporations to Internet cafes and coffee shops to even their basements to create everything that we know and love about this amazing, digital world around us!

Wikipedia Editor
It’s fun to learn about new things, knowledge of space and trees and Lord of the Rings,
A modern marvel written by volunteers, it opens up so many new frontiers!

Fun with Statistics! – Wikipedia is by far the largest encyclopedia in the world, featuring 27 billion words across almost 50 million articles written by 270,000 volunteers in 293 languages around the globe! In comparison, the print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was about 1/675th the size of Wikipedia…

Cybersecurity Engineer
Security online it ain’t no joke, scammers wanna see us all go broke.
High tech defenses keep them all in line, so you can surf in safety all the time.

CyberFACT! – Some of the best ways to protect yourself online are by enabling two-factor authentication for any accounts that offer it, using a password manager to keep track of unique passwords for every site that you visit, and not clicking on suspicious links in your email, on social media, and around the web!

Because these are the people on the Internet,

On the Internet,

On the In-ter-net – oh!

These are the people on the Internet,

The people who create each day!

Photo Credit: © vladgrin / Adobe Stock